jacket : Overland |

tank : Zara |

denim jacket : Zara |

jean : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Louis Vuitton |

Staple the Shearling!

Winter is upon us guys! Anddddddd it’s about that time again, to see who’s really got what it takes to be on TOP *cue Tyra Banks voice.* Lol. In translation, that just means it’s time to start your Winter style elevation process. Winter is really like that do or die moment, like that really, “Remember when you said you can do this, well.. let’s see it.” type of thing. Like, the Fashion Bully almost.

But don’t worry, you know I got you..


they call it Shearling, it’s pretty freaking popular, and you need it.

I’m sure by now you guys have seen this style of jacket a trillion and twenty one times by now, and probably even never knew the name until a couple of months after you actually bought it, and I’m here to tell you you were not alone. lol. It wasn’t until started my career that I knew the name of this style, and I had this jacket in High School. Yea, EXACTLY!


I know I talk alot about staples every season (I know I haven’t done one this season, bare with me, coming soon) but this is definitely a M. U. S. T. I mean, I literally bought this my Junior year of High School and it was no where near as popular as it is today and is going out of style NO time soon. It’s a trending classic piece, matches almost anything (regardless of color), and honestly totally bad a$$.

(sidetone: this is a shoot I did LAST YEAR so I know about staples bro, trust me lol.)


It’s Saturday, I know you not really trying to read.. so just get you a shearling coat. Lol. I mean you are already going to the mall today, with plans of shopping, and getting you a couple of pieces, make this one..


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