this is not a sponsored post.

In the winter time, there’s only one thing you’re really worried about.. looking good as hell (and staying warm, I guess) lol! But no seriously.. it’s been really cold like, all over the world around this time and I’ve never really REALLY been into Hats BUT for some reason lately it’s all I’ve been wanting to wear.


so let’s chat about it!

The only unfortunate thing about Winter hats is the somewhat limitations that it has. Although you want to look just as good, you kinda do want to be warm too… which leaves us withhhh BEANIES!

So I kind of linked with Urban Outfitters (because honestly, they have the dopest hats of life) to show a couple different of my favorite ways I wear a good beanie.



This style beanie is probably the most versatile. I wear this one (not this one, I have an orange one I can’t get enough of) like 20 times a month in a few different ways too. My favorite way to wear it though is in this slouchy picnic look. Lol. Not only is it trendy, but it’s comfortable as hell too. I also wear it like a sitting duck on top of my head. Literally..

Although the orange one has a little more give, flexibility, and pizazz to wear it as the sitting duck… this lime green definitely gets the job done.

Next, I mean who doesn’t like a invincible snowball on their head?

IMG_6975 2 copy.jpg

This isn’t a style I personally wear often, BUT it is very popular. It’s not that it’s not appealing, I just never thought it looked even half decent on me.. But it was years ago I even tried one on (FYI I bought about 80 of these so, I’m fully aware of how good I look in them now. Lol.)

There isn’t more than one way you can honestly wear this one and it’s really no need for it. It’s a pretty dope look on it’s on. If you’re wearing it right of course. I paired it with this shearling denim jacket and it actually popped. The true benefit of this is you’ll really be ridiculously warm. Like, OUTRAGEOUSLY warm! And it’s a quick match for those gray sweatpants moments (wink, wink lol).


Last, and definitely not least.. my personal favorite! Not sure if it’s because of the hat style or maybe even Stussy.. BUT  it’s definitely a favorite. This is the only one I wore in the Winter LookBook  OPENING LOOK so you know it’s real. Lol. It’s always good to have a good high-end or gaudy beanie. It doesn’t hurt to be a little flashy. The other good thing about this one is it’s just as versatile. I can wear this one as the slouchy style as well.


So.. guys, go invest in you a couple of beanies! I know it’s a little late in the season and things are kind go about to warm up. Not to mention you can still wear these when it’s warm too (just the no so hot ones, lol.)


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