jacket : H&M |

shirt : Vince |

jeans : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Margiela |

For the 50 millionth time, I know that we’re damn near towards the end of Winter BUT I feel like this is the prime to do/discuss something – right in the middle of it. It’s really hard to prepare for something that you’re not expecting.. you feel me? Now – aside from being able to dress like your favorite celebrity, you need to stay warm as well (yes, that is what jackets are really for). As much as you want to look good in your Staple, you need to be comfortable and warm in it as well.



This season the Double-Breast made a catastrophic come back. Like, everywhere you turned in stores you saw a good (some bad) double breasted Coats & Jackets, Blazers, I even saw a double breasted turtleneck. Exactly, I don’t know either. It wasn’t a shock to me because regardless, everyone needs a little something classic in their closet.

The one thing that I do love about living in a almost hot region year round is everything Winter goes on a ridiculous sale. Lol. Lie, unrealistic. This jacket specifically was ON SALE! Originally 145 (believe me, I didn’t know H&M had pieces that expensive either) and I got it for SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Everything hot goes on sale here. I got a versatile Winter suit FULL SUIT for 50 bucks. So. Yeah, lol. Not only is it a good find, but it’s a classic trendy piece that I’d be able to rock more than time and includes every thing that’s hot right now.




A coats main importance though, above them all, is that it’s the very first thing that people get a peak at when they see you. I mean, think about it. Yeah your outfit may be super dope under your jacket, BUT no-one is going to want to go past the jacket if it’s not even halfway looking good.

So right now look for 3 key things:

  1. Double breasted: It’s trending right now. And will be, forever. It’s classic and make anybody looks like they’ve walked right out of a billion dollar business meeting. Trust me.
  2. Knee length: The length of your jacket is probably more important than the jacket itself. It gives it that sway, that je ne se quios, that ‘ I mean business ‘ statement to your outfit. Ultimately, completing it.
  3. Collar importance: The collar on the jacket is a wow factor. More beneficial than anything. It’s extra. A good fur collar will definitely seal the deal. But it you want to be more classic, popping the collar up will do the trick even further.



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