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pants : Zara |

shoes : Dolce & Gabbana |

Now I never usually do these type of things because I felt like they jinxed my chances of completing them. So this year I decided to set a few New Years resolutions for myself and actually hold to them.

The point of this post isn’t to make you feel down about what you’ve set to complete this year or to try to change yours which is why I’m doing mine three days into the New Year so that hopefully you’ve already got started on yours.

let go of holding grudges and invite more positivity.

If anyone knows me, I am the ULTIMATE grudge holder. I can sit right next to you at an event and ensure you feel whatever burn you’ve inflicted to me.


focus more on my career and take myself more serious.

I let myself slip into a very bad realm a lot of times causing me to slack in my own workplace and judging myself by where I’m not at yet.. Yeah, NO more of that. This year i’m coming for blood… (not literally, but you know..


learn priorities, prioritize them, and get them done.

many of you may not know my real age (never ask a lady her age) but you’ll find out this year Jan. 16th. But it’s time to grow up – not that I haven’t already but there are a few things specifically this year that I want to zone in on and make SURE that I get them done. You ever felt like you were supposed to be rich years ago? Yea.. thats me currently.


stop double thinking. If I want it, I’m going to get it/do it.

If it’s one things this year didn’t teach me is to get. it. done. At any moment anything can happen, and I’m not talking about death.. ANYTHING could happen to stop you from doing something you’ve always wanted and nothing is worse than having the chance and not taking it.


Those are just a few that I’m going to channel into more harder. Things that I need to really fix. Lol. Do you guys have any resolutions you want to share that may help someone? Share them with me below!



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