woven : Vince |

shirt : H&M |

pants : Zara |

shoes : Gucci |


If you’re anything like me, when I saw plaid I would run. Mainly because I always saw it as the go-to outfit for Farmers on TV shows and when they had nothing else to wear – they’d throw on this thick plaid button down shirt. & here I am, in my adult life in the same thing. Lol.


Little did I know YEARS later, those on TV trends would come full circle (usually how they always do) and wound up in my closet.

I’m sure you’ve snuck a couple of pieces of plaid in your closer some way somehow and it looked super good on in the store with that perfectly dim tricking mall light & now you can’t figure out an outfit for it to save your life..

Well, let me share with you a little tip I came up with and it’s so common you’d be so shocked you didn’t think of it before, unless you have..

treat it like it’s black!

see, I told you.. lol.

The one thing that I learned with dressing with plaid is to treat it like a color, more over a print. You see, these days you can honestly throw anything together and make it a compellingly attractive outfit. In the case of plaid treat it like it’s black. Now I know that there’s black as like the focal color in both my plaid prints, but if that doesn’t make any sense.. just use the colors that’s most in common between the two pieces and you can still treat it like it’s a solid color.


Don’t complicate it..


The more that you think about it, the worst the outfit will look.

Keep it simple. Theirs some funky colored plaid out there. Lol. Like CRAY kind. Lol. I’m not ruling them out, at all.. BUT I am saying proceed with caution. If you’re in doubt about the look either double check, or just pair it with your favorite good denim. If the colors in the plaid are light, go dark in the denim, if the colors in the plaid are dark, go light in the denim.


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