jacket : ZARA |

shirt : ASOS |

jeans : Diesel |

shoes : ZARA |

It’s the weekend bro…

I’m certain you put more efforts into your outfits than during the week for sure.

SO lets make it easy and straight to the point..

IMG_8215 copy1

dress down something that you usually dress-up, then add a pocket chain to it.

See, simple – very simple actually. I’ve been doing this for the literal longest (minus the pocket chain, i just decided to bring that back into my wardrobe.) Anywho the easiest way to do this is to find the jazziest piece/staple that you have in your closet and make it as street/trendy as possible. You’d be surprised // honestly.



For example – the staple I chose to go with is this blazer that’s been collecting dust in my closet for two years exactly today and they decide to slightly re0invent and put back on the shelves (how dependable is Fashion, right? lol) But anyway.. I’d originally had a pair of slacks to to wear this with until I decided to not wear to some formal gathering. My next thought was to pair it with a pair of side stripe pants.. BUT thats just wayyy to typical. So I dressed it down. I honestly said to myself – ‘let me dress like I do on IG’ haha.

Now I know the shoes and pants don’t necessarily match, but who cares – it’s 2018! Wear wtf you want! But you can’t lie, it does compliment the heck out of each other though! Lol. So you do the same.. I know I’m not the only one that sees a million things in your closet that you say “Geesh, I really wish that matched!’ If it looks good together and even better on you, MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!



SO.. in review –

1.) locate a staple.. (already in your closet)

2.) pair it with a not so staple..

3.) add a pocket chain for a little flava..



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