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So alot of you guys have been asking me about my skin regimen for some time now. & awkwardly  enough, it’s something we aren’t really open about (unless we’re overlooking our significant others google their regimens) and that is *initiate drumroll please* SKIN CARE! Believe it or not ladies, because I know you’re reading too, us men don’t always just have that beautiful glossy skin that you always seem to think we do. It’s take us a little work as well.

The one thing that I hate is putting a LOAD of products on my face. I don’t care how raving the reviews are – I truly believe in less is more when it comes to facial care. Now, there’s a basic two true things that you need for your face and that is:

1.) A Cleanser & A Moisturizer.

Exactly. Simple.

This isn’t to knock anyone else’s regimen because by all means you have to do what works best for your skin and understanding your skin is definitely going to take some time as it did with me, but luckily this is something that I’ve been doing since High School and haven’t needed a reason to change. But I think I’m going to go ahead and start experimenting, but for the mean time.


First, these are products that can be found at any drugs store for under 10 bucks, including taxes. They last me about 2 weeks to a month and have never failed me. This bran Ambi is directed more towards “ethnic” skin complexions although works just as well for anyone else.

The process is just this easy:

First: I wash my face. I don’t use all those expensive tools that you see on TV, a good separate GENTLE wash cloth or even your hands would work. I have extremely sensitive skin so I’ve always been nervous to use all of the extra in fear of damaging my face. You want to lather your face full and then scrub. Pay very close attention to affected areas. Once all soap is removed, dry your face very easily and finish with winter green alcohol. Just to wipe off any excess.

Next: Apply a face mask. Now I don’t do this every night maybe every two or three days BUT consistently. Face masks serve a variety of different purposes, and the one that I decided to do this evening is for revitalizing. Replenishing and lightening the skin. Extremely worthy and necessary.

& Lastly: I finish with a moisturizer. Now I naturally have oily ass skin, unfortunately, so the benefit of this Ambi fade cream is it comes in two different types – Normal skin and Oily Skin. I opted for the Normal skin this time to try it out and see how it’ll mix with my skin and now I’m obsessed. There’s a variety of different styles of moisturizers. But what is unique about them is the different purposes they serve. I love a natural glow, but I hate looking oily and dewy. The feeling isn’t so pleasant either. Especially going to sleep with it. At least for me.

Now I had fell off this routine for at least two months and my skin had gotten terribly bad. So I picked back up right in the beginning of December and well, see for yourself..

IMG_2003 copy.jpg

I mean, honestly! This is no edit. Now I didn’t have the worst skin, but I get blackheads (mainly in my forehead area) like I use the restroom so the results that I’m seeing I’m very proud of. Works every time like a charm! Would you give it a shot? This will be one of many. I actually like to test out the products for a period of time to I’ve accurate results so I’ll be frequenting this health/skin/and body documentation as I continue to go about it myself.

I’m open to trying new regimens you all may have to offer! Share them with me below and I’ll definitely check them out!


One thought on “ mens skin care – in 3 easy steps. ”

  1. OMG thank you so much for this! My boyfriend has been asking around for a good skincare routine for himself and this will be so helpful! This was an amazing post!!!! ❤


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