shirt : FILA |

pants : The Black Wolf |

shoes : Balenciaga |

Now, as we all know side stripe pants (Tuxedo Jeans) are a huge commodity now – and definitely because of the look over the necessity. One of thing that I honestly love the most about these pants, besides the fact that I made my first terrible pair in 2010 before they were even hot (I probably could’ve been beyond rich by now but we’re not going to chat about that – cue awkward cockeyed creep smile), but that these are effortless gems that can elevate any outfit. You already have such a vast variety of washes in jeans, and then to add this little trinket to completely make us fall back in love with something so simple is a wallet emptier on it’s own.


These specific Tuxedo Jeans by The Black Wolf were a limited collection and sold out faster than I could even think TWICE! I went through hell and back trying to spend my own money. Lol.

Why you need side stripe pants is inevitable. They’ve honestly made themselves a staple in anybodies closet – both men and women. Imagine having a shirt. this shirt has a bajillion colors and/or prints in them and you want to make it pop and take it to the next level but a simple pair of jeans won’t make the cut? Exactly. Tuxedo Jeans for the win. For example my outfit currently. This was such a hard shirt to style, not to mention that it’s a Jersey at that and add that its neon colored with Hello Kitty on the back. Lol.

(& yes, its a mens shirt.)

IMG_7333 copy.jpg

Spring is quickly approaching and it’s always good to have a closet full of not only staples,

but transitional pieces as well & these Tuxedo Jeans are definitely that. Now I know alot of you guys see those from Fear of God & Off-White and think that’s it’s the end of the world if you don’t have those specific ones. Now don’t get me wrong, I have pair from both and they are truly fantastic BUT they do have the look at various different brands like ASOS and TopShop adjustable to your budget.



Let me know if you guys have any questions, or even suggestions for me.. or maybe if I should do a post on the way I style these pants?


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