jacket : Zara |

shirt : H&M |

jeans : Rag & Bone |

shoes : Zara |

bag : The Black Wolf |

So, it’s 2018 and I realize alot of us haven’t really grasped the street-style thing and to be honest I’m not sure if there’s really a guide to put together. BUT there is a couple of tips that I can share with you about how I gather mine together – and believe it or not it’s really not that tedious.


Beginning: & I promise it’s not that hard.

I find a specific staple that I want to wear that day.

I do this with all of my outfits. Today was this Biker Jacket from Zara. I’ve only worn it about 2/3 times since I bought it. I’d been longing for the perfect outfit and to be honest there’s a million in-counting that I’ve found for it. But today I was particularly in a rush with Fashion Week around the corner and I had to go do pulls and late for alot of appointments. Anyway, I created this outfit in 1,2,3 (mainly because it was already laid out on my bed) but that’s neither here nor there, lol….


It’s a no brainier that these shoes match about %80 of everything in my closet, casual or street, so I naturally gravitated to them for this jacket. They’re somewhat of a classic for me. So, next the biggest thing is the outfit. I’d been longing for the perfect color of light denim since forever so I honestly just threw them out. This shirt I NEVER wear mainly because of the style but it worked today. Just tucked it in and wallah!



Then BOOM, you put it all together, put it on, craft your spin on it, and then there you have it. Of course I added a couple accessories but that’s just my spin on it. Make it yours. Make it fun! Not to mention this entire look was under 100 bucks! Yea, so a super win win.


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