belt, earrings, glasses : Runway Chanel SS97 |

jacket : The Black Wolf |

turtleneck : H&M |

pants : Balenciaga |

bag : Off-White |

shoes : Zara |


What. A. Day!

Now, I must say.. The team & Jeremy Scott ALWAYS show the most hospitality ever! It’s always a pleasure experiencing a tiny glimpse of the his creative mind.


I opted to wear a mixture of high and low end because it felt right and looked even better. I’ve learned that while doing press try to get the most comfort as possible. Backstage was so amazing. All of the beautiful IMG models were honestly a dream.

( I covered so much with The BleauBook which will be hitting very soon. )

But what I can say right now is the looks were bananas! I caught as much as I could on my InstaStories (@FrankieBleau). I’ll attach it below incase you missed it. If you’re wanting more of the in-the-now action be sure to follow and tune-in.

The Afterparty, per usual.. is always the funnest of the fun. The undisclosed location dazzled in gifts, cocktails, and love ft. Jeremy’s new Campaign with MAC – which is amazing by the way.


& yes, I know what you’re thinking.. It’s not that cold look at him! Yea, look at me… freezing my ass off! Lol. My feet literally went numb 4 different times after I defrosted them each time. Lol. February in New York is no, joke! At… All..!

See you tomorrow for Day 2!


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