full look : The Black Wolf runway A|W’18 |

shoes : Maison Margela |

bag : The Black Wolf |

sunnies : Tom Ford |

Berét : Burberry |

TToday was possibly one of the Top 3 best days I’ve ever experienced in Fashion Week. Of course because of the Concept Korea invite, but just the overall energy I was receiving and exuding today. Gosh, I Love New York!



Concept Korea a collection titled ‘ Greedilous ‘ with acclaimed Celebrity Stylist – Ty Hunter.

The two designers drew attention to not only their extravagant, luxurious designs.. but also to a couple of global issues – specifically Global Warming with a stand out quote ‘ It’s not justICE. ‘ I know! SO serious! Back to the designs! The structure, the textures, AMAZING! A true Fashion Show. No trendy unnecessary, just raw organic Fashion. Exactly what I needed this day. The event was studded with a plethora of Fashion Royalty including Stylist – June Ambrose, acclaimed model – Shaun D. Ross, and many more.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM.png

After the show I was able to do what I do best, talk.. lol! I was able to finally catch this Fashion Bomb Lady, Claire Sulmers in the fashion flesh! Doesn’t she look as ravishing as ever? I mean honestly.. who else can pull of matching hair and outfit? Me on the other hand.. in a full The Black Wolf Runway look. I know, I was just as stunned when I put it on as well. I couldn’t believe that I was pushing a barrier like this (as I’m sure you’re probably saying yeah right. Lol.) But it’s true. I know last year I did a half kilt situation BUT I had pants under, so I felt safe. Lol. This time I just felt I was saying hello to the world! Lol. Although it was a very pleasant welcoming.


Yes, I know all you guys care about truly is the afterparty and yes there was one. Catch up on IG stories|SnapChat (yes I hate the update as well) @FrankieBleau.


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