fur : Fendi – AW00 |

shirt : The Black Wolf |

belt : Chanel |

pants : Zara |

shoes & bag : custom The Black Wolf |


Today was probably the most hectic show out of them all. New York makes you quickly grasp the concept of ‘Get It Done, & Get It Done Quickly.’ I opted out of getting the car service this season, again, because I just love the culture of everything including good old faithful MTA, BUT I definitely know better for next season. Lol. Today I had the pleasure of sharing the collection of Christian Cowan, full of everything that reminded me of myself..

Gaudy & Glamorous


Crazy enough, when I sat down with The Black Wolf’s team about creating these looks it was such an easy experience – AND FUNCTIONAL! I don’t think there was one outfit that we created that made me feel uncomfortable! Lol. seriously.. but any who, I think this was one of my favorites. This shirt is not only one of my favorites, but it can go from classy, to sexy, and back to chic. Very similar to Cowan’s collection this season. VERY sexy, filled to capacity with Glamour, and enough textures to create a new planet.

IMG_9546 2.jpg



Yes, this is a jewelry watch sleeve situation.. yea, I know!



Lets just take a moment to admire this shoe though!

As much as I love a good statement, this was one that I can’t get enough of! AT ALL!


And then the very slight, but remarkable, details..

IMG_9582 2.jpg

Collectively today has honestly just began! There’s still tonight and I’m beyond excited to share that with you guys! It’s honestly one of my favorites. Lol.

I’m debating on whether I should use footage to do a brief vlog? It was I didn’t get much because it was just that hectic. Anywho, see you all tonight!


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