jacket : DIY Custom x The Black Wolf |

jeans : Custom The Black Wolf |

shoes : Steve Madden |

shirt : Zara |

bag : YSL |

You already know How Philipp gives it up.

If you’ve been following me since last season, they you know Philipp Plain definitely knows how to put on a damn show (click here & here for last years fun)! So who would’ve thought that he’d be able to top himself? Well, he damn sure did.

He shared his latest deigns with us at an EXTREMELY hard to find location in Brooklyn. I had to walk 5 1/2 blocks because I initially received the wrong invitation address *upside down smile* IN THE RAIN nonetheless. So, yeah.. that’s how it started. And got so much better once I landed on Planet Plein.


There was a HUGE Plein UFO in the middle of the catwalk that Irina Shayk vigorously
strutted out of looking as flawless as ever to meet a giant Philipp Plein futuristic Robot
welcoming us to and experience we were sure to never forget. She came out in a painted on, not literally but thats how tight and beautiful it was, body suit and jet ski style mask. I wish someone got on type how my track days came up as I hit a flatline out of my suit to run to the front to catch this moment. Lol.

After the futuristic duo did a walk through once more the Fashion Party commenced.




As for what I wore, this was my favorite look that I created with The Black Wolf’s team. I got absolutely no good pictures this night because I didn’t have my equipment and the insane set-up wouldn’t allow it. Lol. But from what i did get I just want to take a moment to give huge shout-out to them for these pants! I’ve never seen a psychedelic style pant like this. As out of the box as they are I’ll most likely be wearing them for the next few days, week even. Lol.

They’re decked in almost 30k worth of swarovski strands. Aluminum paneled buttons and a Egyptian thread panel. Yeah, tough!



So there you have it, I still have about two more Fashion Week blogs to catch up on, including a couple with TheBleauBook which I’m extremely exited to share – so just be a little patient with me.


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