blazer : Zara |

tuxedo shirt : Diesel |

shorts : Zara |

shoes : Alfani |

I love when a good old trend make its comeback – BUT BETTER! Lol. The short suit is nothing new, and actually made a slight debut in the fan favorite movie, Grease. Anyway When Lebron wore his a few weeks ago I literally had an OMG moment. He wore it so effortless and classic, with a smidge of trend and I was literally being a fan.



When I saw this pants suit in Zara, I was pretty intrigued. I instantly saw it as a short suit. It came with two different style pants – this basic black pair and a style that matches the blazer. I chose the black because it really channels the colors of the blazer. The one thing I like the most is the side stripe on the arms. It’s like its own accessory.

When you’re wearing a short suit you can go either way – spice it up and go all out or you can keep it calm and classic.

Either way you choose to go it can be a hit. I picked that gray area between the two because I honestly didn’t want to be too modest. A good way to do a short suit (or a suit period) if you can’t really figure it out is go monochrome. It’s easy and still gives that splash of easy Fashion.




Im still going through my light accessorizing phase so I only chose my current favorite – my pinky ring, lol. To watch a simple silver necklace. It’ll go a long way. I promise. I usually like to keep it simple at the appropriate time, which is like now. Lol. I think I’m going to do a post on accessorizing for the Autumn season because rings and necklaces and this whole rockstar accessory thing is about to be my thing.

What I did with the shirt was pulled it out to meet my knuckles. The tailor of the jacket was already perfect so I just made something out of nothing with the extra long arms of the Button Down (somewhat accessorizing.) Suede is always a good rendition regardless of what you pair it with. Since we are in the Autumn season  it’s not a “fashion no-no” as they like to call it. The crimson red compliments the the arm side-stripe. Not to mention the Blazer serves as a sort-of color block situation. Lol.




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