hoodie: Blank by FreeBeforeEleven |

blazer: The Black Wolf |

boots: M. Margiela |

pants: H&M |

IMG_5989 copy1

Honestly, I’ve been dreaming about this moment for idk how long because I’ve missed it SO much! Blogging for me had always initially started as an outlet and took me to so many different places that I’m extremely thankful for. Yet, for some reason I felt so unfulfilled. For no reason other than I felt that I could do so much more!

But not too much on that yet (Maybe I’ll do a YouTube video on it.) anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR if I haven’t told you all already!

IMG_6128 copy1.jpg

I was getting a lot of questions from you guys about the various different ways to elevate your style but keep it the same and honestly, it’s easier said than done.

The way that I usually make it happen is literally take it back to the basics.

What I mean by that is start over with what you know. When we initially start styling and profiling we don’t realize when we start to take it to another level. Whether it be adding new accessories, switching up the sizing, trying a new suit and Graphic Tee combo, etc it’s happening. We consume so much content today over a million different channels and we get inspired (I hate the word influenced) Scratch it all and start over! Take it back to the basics. I literally scrolled down to the bottom of my IG feed, and even Twitter, and started from the bottom. Start from the moments as far back before as you can go and re-build your image with your original foundation – taking shit back to the basics.IMG_6017 copy.jpg

Plaid is one of those Staples that we’ll never be able to run and hide from and will always make it’s way into our wardrobe.

I’ve said it before, Plaid is somewhat the new Black. I’ve always mixed prints and patterns and made it look like something more than it was before. This Blazer from The Black Wolf from last season but it creates a memorable moment and the small details create an intricate layer of dope simplicity. The importance of Staple pieces, is imperative – YOU NEED THEM! The same rule applies when you’re starting to rebuild, you need a staple foundation.

IMG_6020 copy1

I know I tell you guys a million times over about how I’m back and so and so, and this time I’m just going to show you. I’m not going to just say it – to keep up in more way than one check out the Brands Page. You’ll see what I’ve been sorta up to!

In the meantime, what are some things that you want to talk about and see on my personal blog?


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