shoes : ZARA |

belt : Versace |

turtleneck : ZARA |

slacks : Ralph Lauren |

jacket : The Black Wolf |

IMG_6407 copy

IMG_6368 copy8.jpg

Spring is such a funny season because it’s like mother natures way of sending Earth that ‘you up text?’ and once we send our response text with those shorts in the closet we’ve been eyeing and the matching tank top then BOOM – hellooo 37 degrees!

Although I admire a good Windbreaker, I prefer to wear shearling through the transitional season, most specifically winter to spring. Here’s why: I feel like Windbreakers hold whatever temperature it is out and transfers it to you. You ever just felt super cold while you’re wearing your windbreaker and touched the jacket and it feels like ice. Yea, I mean I do know that it’s supposed to absorb the cold and blah, blah, blah – but it’s not supposed to make us cold too? Right?

but it’s not supposed to make us cold too? Right? (serious question. Anyway, the one thing I adore about shearling is the versatility that it offers. It’s light enough to wear with a T-shirt or a light sweater and slacks, yet also heavy enough to wear with a good hoodie and denim. The main reason I like to wear shearling in the spring, or the time between getting warm, because it’s abnormally light and really serves the purpose for whichever you wear it with dutifully.

IMG_6394 copy

IMG_6477 copy


You can make any piece accommodating to whatever outfit you want to wear regardless of the season,

just make it make sense. Houston’s weather has been very flu-like with one day it being nice and warm with the next cold as hell. So on days that potentially warm up you want to be sure that you’re prepared for either. Looking at the weather for the day can definitely help you decide for the undecided. I went with a turtleneck instead because it’s wasn’t really going to get much warmer and would still look good without the jacket.

IMG_6403 copy.jpg

So all in a nutshell, wear the outfit as you would if it weren’t cold and make the shearling your accessory. This The Black Wolf jacket is the perfect accessory. Now you don’t need an over-the-top expensive shearling, your favorite one will do – just dress it up as you would wear it when the jacket comes off. Take a staple, match it with your accessory, and build around it. I took my staple (beige dad slacks) and paired it with the perfect accessory (my The Black Wolf shearling) and built my look from there. Keeping it simple, and aesthetically pleasing.


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