shoes : Zara |

belt : Ed Hardy |

shades : The Black Wolf |

t-shirt : Free Before Eleven |

pants : thrifted Ralph Lauren |

IMG_7111 copy

T-shirts are one of those things that I was never a big fan of until I realized how much I literally wore them. They’re an everyday staple that you can wear however many times that you want to and not worry about looking repetitive. Aside from a regular T-shirt you have a Graphic Tee, which isn’t as easy to say that you need because it may not be as versatile as a plain T-shirt would be, BUT easily provides just as much Style.


You need one because you can easily style a lazy outfit around it.

This outfit took me all of about 7 minutes to slate together. The shirt that I’m wearing is from a concept brand called Free Before Eleven and they have a million different styles which they kind of Bootleg and re-work making them super unique and trendy. When I put this outfit together I honestly didn’t want to wear anything because I didn’t have my hair cut BUT had to look somewhat decent and this was all on the edge of the bed. Seriously.

IMG_7094 copy.jpgIMG_7133 copy.jpgIMG_6983 copy.jpg

The three great things about having a good Graphic Tee in your closet:

  • Easy to style.
  • Can wear multiple times.
  • Different AFFORDABLE price ranges.

When gathering a look for a graphic T-shirt, it doesn’t require much. Its honestly limitless. You can do it either way that you want easily dressing it down or jazzing it up. For example, the look that I decided to go with (even though it was on the edge of the bed) is simple. I wanted it to be easy and functional and not to mention, stylish. All things that are achievable when you can just throw on a good Tee and keep it moving.

IMG_7106 copy.jpg




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