shirt & bag : Dior

overalls & hat : H&M

shoes : Buffalo London

socks : Free Before Eleven

IMG_8365 copy.jpg

When it comes to the seasons transitioning, I think it’s one of the most intriguing times for me because I literally get so turned on at just the simple thought of dressing for the Fall & Winter! I mean literally, like, shit. Lol. This past Summer season I was literally so prevalent on caption/statement/graphic tees it was almost a little sick BUT it was all for good reason. BTW, did you read the fucking blog about why you need a good graphic T-shirt? Oh great! We’re on the same page now.

IMG_8459 copy

IMG_8419 copy.jpg

If you’re anything like me, you’re a cheap son of a gun….

that spends loads of money on the trendy ish you see on Insta and then when you finally buy it, because you’ve been so cheap, the new ish is out and you’re stuck trying to make the old ish look cool (hence this set of photos I took on fucking APRIL FOURTH and totally forgot about.) Where I’m here to let you know I’m a chronic repeat wear-er. So there fore when you do re-wear something it’s needs to not only look, but feel, new as well. T-shirts are A HELL of a lot more easier to re-dress than a seasonal statement piece.

You always want to make sure the T-shirt is vaguely hidden or indistinguishably showing.

I usually try to mix it up, but almost always have the focal area slightly showing. The key making it appealing rather than re-wearing. At this point the Tee becomes an accessory – so focus on the overall outfit, and not just the thought of you wearing a piece twice.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM copy

IMG_8449 copy

IMG_8399 copy.jpg

SO with the focus of the overall outfit, I decided on these overalls – lol. They actually were long enough to be worn as a full length jean style, but for the season cuffs are always a moment. To meet the cuff somewhat I paired it with a caption calf sock with that reads ‘Aint No Balenciaga Bih.’ The Platform Buffalo’s added the perfect edge, and the classic Dior oblique Saddle Bag complimented the entire look. Now see, the tee simply became an accessory that matches the bag. Not even mentioning the snakeskin bucket hat that’ll take immediate attention and add an immediate ‘oh that’s dope’ moment.

  • Build look with your tee, not around your tee.
    • Make the tee the accessory to match a focal area.
      • Be sure to include a ‘wow’ piece that’ll create a blend.
        • Play around with levels and layers. Fall is all about mixy matchy.
          • Lastly, wear vaguely hidden or indistinguishably noticeable.

IMG_8449 copyIMG_8501 copy1.jpg


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