Okay, so Summer is here and definitely with a vengeance! The most important thing, other than staying cool, is protecting your skin. Tagging along with Summer is daunting heat, sweat/heat bumps, sunburn, etc. As of lately, I’ve gotten very particular in taking learning about my skin and taking more seriously how I care about it. I’m very new to the whole skin care thing because I haven’t had to worry about bad skin, as I really don’t need to, but maintenance is a lot more tougher than turning your skin around.

In Summer I like to keep it minimal and precise.

The less, the better for me.

All the products that I’m using are under $10! Yes, and works extremely well for those of us on a budget and don’t like all that clammy dewy cream on out face, or as people call it “glow.”


Vitamin E Oil

– I cannot stress enough how important this is for both skin and hair. I’m so down for using SPF’s and Sunscreen because some skin types can only handle those type of strengths, but I use this every single day on my skin and it helps repel the rays and keep my skin fresh. It adds a ridiculous amount of shine to my beard and always has been helping with strengthening my hair. I use the oil in my lotion as well to put on my body. This Vitamin E oil I literally get at my local 99 cents store and yes, it is only 99 cents. It’s literally amazing!


– Lemon & Facial scrubs

The most gruesome about my skin is the sensitivity and the scarring. When I do get breaks they’re terrible and leave these hideous black scars on my face that take weeks, sometime months, to fade. For products I use on my body and face I try to make it as natural as possible. Lemons serve as a natural multi-fixer for a bajillion of things – most prominently skin evening. This Lush product ‘Herbalism’ uses natural green ingredients that hep with evening and repairing skin tones. It works very well alone but I take it a step further and once or twice a week rub the scrub on the half of a lemon and rub it over the affected areas of my skin.


Rubbing Alcohol x Witch Hazel –

Now I  know people always say that Alcohol strips your skin and blah blah, which is somewhat true, BUT that why you moisturize and restore. Alcohol and Witch Hazel are some of the best anti-bacterials and to clean the rest of that leftover whatever off your face. I don’t recommended going above 50% and I always dilute it with a water mixture just so the sting isn’t as prevalent and it isn’t as potent. Witch Hazel is the best or Heat bumps. It knocks them right out in a matter of hours of going to sleep and waking up.


AMBI Soap.

This shit is SERIOUS! I’ve been using this since I was 15 years old and live by it. It’s one of the only things that have worked with curating balancing my skin. It’s a complexion bar and also helps with fixing blending those dark marks. Its green and anytime I see green regarding skin care I’m sold. It doesn’t dry my skin out at all and still leaves it squeaky clean. I can’t swear by this enough. Highly recommended.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM copy.png

You have to take care of the inside just as much as the outside. Drink plenty of water and monitor what you eat. The Summer heat can take more out of you than you realize and can definitely cause reaction to things that you consume. Also keep your pillow cases and sheets changed weekly, or as much as you seem fit. Keep your hair clean and monitor the products that you use in your head. Hair products get trapped in the pillowcases and can cause build-ups in the cases.


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