shoes : YSL

shades : Cartier

pants : custom The Black Wolf

blazer : The Black Wolf Runway

One of the best things about New York, is Fashion Week. Amongst the many things the Big Apple has to offer, Fashion Week tops the list as it draws people of all sorts together to enjoy one impeccable thing that everybody lives their lives in, FASHION. 100’s of different designer, innovative collections, endless creativity, and elevated taste Fashion Houses put on extravagant marketing extravaganza putting their latest collection for the following season on display. This season was my first season back after taking some time off to get a few different projects started and let me tell you I my damn self forget how crazy things get.

IMG_1697 copy.jpg

IMG_1687 copy.jpg

Make the hours count. Planning out your moves can help with how you need to move.

Depending on what you’re attending as (i.e. blogger, buyer, attendee, whatever), and asIMG_5905 hectic as your schedule could get we all need to have a sort of schedule or SOS plan in
place. As I was getting back into the swing of things I quickly noted that this season was going to be the warm up to get me back into things and try to make sure that I don’t
miss another. Since I started The BleauBook, I was no longer attending as the Fashionable Blogger having to sneak into the shows or only getting standing room, I was attending as a f’ng EIC of a formal publication! It was crazy. NY is such a busy city it can literally kind of consume you and even give you a bit of anxiety especially if it’s your first time and haven’t been in a while so in the little downtime I had was tying to slam together tips that I thought would help me stay afloat and though I’d share with you guys because beyond New York, they’re pretty key tips to apply day to day.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.23.50 PM copy.png

IMG_1698 copy 2 copy.jpg


1.) Plan your schedule down to the hour.

I wore this look to LaQuan Smith and think this is when it hit me like ‘Whoa baby, you need to tighten up.” The night before we went to the Alexander Wang show and afterparty and stayed a little longer than needed, lol. SO PLAN, and stick to it!

2.) Go with a couple of friends.

When you looking good in your Fashions you don’t want to have to MTA (the subway) everywhere, so having friends will not only be safer but you guys can split transportation cost. & If you can’t have a personal photographer with you everywhere, you technically have one!


3.) Be prepared for the unexpected.

Anything can literally happen in New York. So you always want to be optimistic about things. Shows are always spread out across the boroughs so incase the Uber is a little price, get familiar with your surroundings incase you do have to take a ride in the beautiful underground tunnel.

4.) Carry a survivable amount of cash.

Listen, I’m not a person to lose things often but my friends are. I like to have a good time if you know what I mean, so I can’t babysit. So always make sure your phone is charged and you have a SOS stash somewhere on you that your drunk mind can remember.

5.) Stay as close to your attraction or the city as possible.

When traveling to New York, as much as everything is so close, it’s very spread out. You’re never going to know where you’ll end up, of course unless you plan like I had to for Pyer Moss in Brooklyn,  but mostly everything happens around the City/Manhattan area. That’ll cut down travel expenses the closer you are while really getting an inner city experience.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.14.41 AM copym.jpg

IMG_1684 copy.jpg

I know you guys want to see little more BTS and what went down so I’m going to create a NYFW Diary and post it on my YouTube Channel – so stay tuned!


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