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First things first, let’s clarify what exactly we’re going through because it just makes me literally L O L when I hear people saying that we’re in quarantine. Quarantine is only when you have the virus, if you DO NOT have it, you’re Staying Home, Working Home OR practicing Social Distancing. Damn! & don’t give me no bull about how I titled it quarantine I just did it for the Google hits, *winks*.

Now, lets chat.

So here we are, day 59845298 of staying in the house looking at yourself grow hair in places you didn’t know was possible – but like they’re all saying, we’re all in this together. I think I’ve pretty much mastered how to stay put together doing the same thing day in and day out and I’ve actually found joy in it because I can do it whenever I want to, and no to mention that’s kinda of how I was doing it before. So for this post I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to three separate categories: Keep Busy, Stay Organized, Remain Sane.

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To be quite honest when it comes to keeping busy, I’ve been doing it just in my own little way. I was seeing the meme going around telling people how they’re wasting time if they aren’t finding a new hobby and all of that bullshit but honestly we are in a pandemic and not a productivity contest. Do with it what you will, just remain safe.

So how to keep busy during Quarantine?

There’s a plethora of different ways but it all narrows down to just passing the time. So really whatever it is you like to do in your home, then do it.

Stream your favorite shows.

Read a new book, or two, or three.

Enjoy having the time to not have to do anything.

Perfect a hobby you already love to do (if you don’t care to learn a new one.)

Shit On Netflix.jpg

All of the recommendations above I’ve all somewhat watched (believe it or not) and actually somewhat enjoyed depending on my mood when I watched it. There is no specific order but Hollywood is ridiculously good! As far as books I’ve been reading, they’re all pretty standard and I’ve bought them months, maybe even years ago. The 48 Laws of Power, Guerrilla Marketing (business book), How to Win Friends & Influence People, and Dapper Dans Biography.

Staying Organized has actually been easier said than done, but achievable.

For me this really all comes down to maintaining some sort of schedule. Everyday, if I have something to do, I write it down. I don’t necessarily plan the day but I write down what I need to get done. Task for the day, chores, errands, whatever it is I need to accomplish – I write it down. Since You’d think that because you’re sitting at home day in and out that you’d keep everything clean and tidy but you really don’t. My opinion, if you’re any type of creative and your art requires labor and arts and crafts type shit, your place is never going to be all the way clean unfortunately. So just clean and arrange as you go as best you can without disturbing your creative vibe. Do I clean as I go? Absolutely not. But it helps me to say that it’s good to do so. Lol.


Lastly, Staying sane.

This one has been a true struggle for some people. Me not so much a struggle because I always tend to stay in the house. If I don’t work from home, I’m going down the street or around the corner to a coffee shop to just get things done. Not saying I never go anywhere normally because I’m always out trolling, but it’s not life or death in the house. But on those days I do think I’m about to lose my mind I always just tend to Meditate. I bought a Yoga mat for exercising and also use it to release my mind. I play soothing nature sounds and sit in that weird position and legit, I seem like a new woman. Haha. Also, one thing I will suggest and I’ve been seeing is getting outside (neighborhood, park, etc.) and walk around. For the first about 7-10 days I sat around the house bummed because I couldn’t go to the Gym and gained like 10 lbs. Wasn’t the worst, but I wasn’t happy. So I started working out from home. Went to buy some simple at-home workout equipment and started a health regime.  Circling back around to scheduling, this applies to my workouts as well. My chest and arms are my focal areas right now, then abs, then legs. So I run everyday in my sauna suit and go in this order per day to workout: Arms/Chest, Legs, Abs, Arms/Chest, HIIT Cardio, Light Cardio, Rest, Repeat. It really works.

Although the thing I enjoy most is the Smoothies.


(1) Spinach, Mango, Strawberry, Green Apple, Chia Seeds
(2) Bananas, Spinach, Kiwi, Mango, Chia Seeds


Overall, just honestly do whatever makes you happy through this. If “me time” was a moment, this is it. We’re getting through this. Air is cleaner, families are together, and we’ve all gotten a moment to somewhat catch our breathes. Everything I’ve suggested are simply suggestions and things that’s worked for me in the time being. It’s been almost two months (and counting) since we’ve been going through this but the point is we’re going through. Also if any of you have any other, Netflix, Hulu, or any streaming suggestions to watch let me know! 🙂


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