tank top : hanes

jeans : vetements

belt : The Black Wolf


 Jewelry for me has, and I think always will be, been the final top off for all of my outfits. Any accessories for me has always been the sort of thing for me that completes an outfit. Although minute, it’s very VERY important. So important that sometimes I would opt out of wearing it for the sake of not messing the outfit up. Yet here lately I’ve been really into wearing it, and wearing it a lot – so I had to figure out a way to do so making sure that it doesn’t look tacky.

When you know you’re wanting to wear some intense jewelry, make the outfit match.

When I stack or layer my jewelry, my outfit almost always changes to accommodate. I start with picking a focus area. Just like when planning your outfit you start with a specific area. It was necklaces for me today. I’ve been constantly working out so I think I’m getting slightly sexier than I already am and have always had a love for tank top (wife beaters) so why not.


So the not so obvious trick with stacking necklaces is the layering the lengths.

When they’re all around the same length, size, or appearance it could come off as gaudy, and even tacky. So stack them in order. I’m wearing a 16″, 20″, & 22″ in that order starting with the cuban link choker. The pendants of the necklace it a different story, but I usually max out with two. Three could take it back to high school when you wanted to wear all your new Christmas gifts at once.


I used to have this fear of wearing silver and gold together but they actually compliment each other. It’s a childish childhood thing that this rich kid told me in middle school and it’s just haunted me since. Anyway. I’m a timepiece guy so I’ll always prefer an attractive watch over bracelets. My right hand is dominant for wrist-wear so I’ll always go heavy on this side. When I wear my larger face watches, I’ll just do one bracelet over the top and stack bracelets to the left (if I even stack that side.) You always want to have the opposite side opposite of the other side (read that twice, slower the second time.) Heavy stack on the right, light on the left and vice versa. Rings are a different story. They bring the bad ass in. You can wear rings on every finger if you’d like you just have to know how to do it and with the right type of rings. Stacking rings is a different kind of art, it’s a matter of what works on your fingers. The bulkier has to go in the back unless it’s an artsy type, then you can sling a thinner band type behind it or just layer across all fingers.

Maybe I should do a ring stack post sometime soon? *insert hmm emoji*

Either way it goes, the end goal is to look like a sexy off-duty motorcycle rider that’s famous on Tumblr.


Happy Memorial Day! Make sure you’re that “fly” cousin at the cookouts today 🙂


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