So yea, we’re here. Things have really somewhat took a turn for the greater good with this coronavirus pandemic and slowed things down tremendously, BUT bills still have to be paid. Incase you didn’t catch it, I did an IGtv on a few ways to adjust the new normal for the time being to stay afloat if you’re a freelancer or influencer.


In the instructional, I spoke on monetizing your side hustle. Which just simply means making money off of things you may do on the side, and talking so fast I promised to share more secrets with you guys that I don’t want to give. Haha, kidding, maybe, lol?

These are all somewhat generalized, but curated, subjects yet either way can apply to anybody who’s willing to put in the work. Some of these I’ve done personally, others I’ve literally just thought about while I was prepping this post and was kinda upset I hadn’t thought about it prior. Some of these things you can know how to do and be good at it, and some of these things you might have no recollection on performing but you know how to sell it, SO DO IT!

Anywho lets get into it!

1.) Sell your content/pictures to publishers for stock photos.

You’d think that this goes for just photographers, but it kinda doesn’t. If you think about it we’re all photographers. We take pictures day in and day out. Of course you can’t go and sell your selfies to a big corporation it doesn’t work like that. A lot of companies, like website host, editing apps, book publishers, graphic designers, and etc source photos or content because they see a vision with it and use them as stock photos. Stock photos are those cool photos that are available for you to use when building a website or creating something that you didn’t take but help your aesthetic look cool. If you’re good with editing and/or taking cool pictures, sell them!

2.) Sell your cooking recipes, home workouts, or nutritional guides.

I think just about everybody in the world is jumping on the “health is wealth” wagon and most especially now. People are sitting at home and realizing that they can’t really cook and that’s all some can do. Sell your favorite recipes, healthy or comforting, to cook for anyone. This is especially easy for chefs of course, but some people prefer a reference from an everyday person they can relate to whom uses the average seasonings and is working on a budget. Pay attention to the calorie counts and intake then sell a nutritional guide separately as a way to maintain a certain diet to achieve different goals. Home workouts are at an all-time sky rocket due to the gym closures across the globe. Come up with creative way to stay and/or get fit using utensils at home. I’ve been seeing people using equipment they’ve probably purchased, and that’s perfectly fine, but show ways to get fit and have fun using everyday household necessities.

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3.) Host a webinar course tailored for your niche.

I spoke about this one briefly during my video as well and want to elaborate because it’s really a good means to make a few dollars if done properly. The beginning rule of thumb to this, really to all of this, is while it’s for you it’s not about you. When you’re hosting these webinars for people, they’re expecting to consume real content. This is a virtual workshop. A conference if you will. Give the people their moneys worth, regardless of the price. Knowledgeable content, professional presentation, and an enjoyable unforgettable experience. Present yourself as you would to a meeting with a fortune 500 company. Have your curriculum well thought out and your flow of lesson(s) ready and prepared. This is a true impression for you to truly connect and engage with your audience. Remembers there’s no verification or reference better than old school word of mouth.

4.) Develop a mobile application OR concept for mobile application.

Now this isn’t necessary a quick turn around, but can possibly be way more beneficial for you in the long run. Mobile applications are extremely popular. It’s something that’s used day in and day out and many many different types. Ads come with long term residual income because of the multiple stream in one it can produce. Within the app you can offer upgrades which you can charge for and ad placement which you can also charge the customer for. I know a lot of you really problem have something of this sort as the last thing on your mind, so if you don’t have the resources to make it, sell the idea. We always say “Damn I wish I had the money to do x, y, and z – when in actuality you can. Find a good company that buys start-up ideas and pitch your concept. When doing this it’s important for you to know the value in what you have so you don’t get cheated out of any money at all. Even if you negotiate just royalties because you know for sure it’s going to take off. Many billion dollar companies these days began as mobile application ideas. Uber, Lyft, InstaGram, and many more. Not to mention these are the times those creators really push themselves into.

5.) Declutter your home and sell anything that you don’t want.

This works most specifically for clothes. We all have old clothes that we no longer care for or wear. Clean out your closet and see what you can make money from. Places like Platos Coset will buy your gently used garments for a reasonable price. If you don’t want to go that route, create a Depop or Etsy shop to sale online. This way you control every aspect of your business and can determine the worth and what you want to let it go for. Even beyond clothes look up the worth of things from the past that may have skyrocketed. I made about $3,500 dollars off of childhood Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and they honestly weren’t even ones I care about.


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