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Below are personal words I’ve written in emotion of all that’s happening right now surrounding my people. These are my words. My feelings, but all truth and fact. Accompanying is a short film of exactly what it is we’re mad at, been mad at, and are fed up with.

God Bless.

What a time to be black. Where the war on our backs are captured on camera by police who remain in tact. Alive to reap the glory of doing the honor in making one less nigga a worry. Serve and protect, until we’re black then y’all neglect or slam our perfect smooth pores into concrete floors. We’ve met a place where the leader of our free world has ushered in the switch from water hose to bullet holes in our endless fight to simply utilize our free rights, not that either method right. We tried the peaceful thing but it gave y’all the upper hand seeing that we were still quiet allowing y’all to kill again. You say violence isn’t the answer so fuck it we made it the solution to get even for the many bruises and the harmless black lives y’all have tooken. The cultures fun until it’s face first to a gun and another black body falls like night from the sun. Yet you’re still quiet and secretly admiring waiting for the new hashtag to pass so that y’all can keep biting. You steal our fame, disengage from the pain while sitting back and staying silent while white Karen makes false claims. Black Mothers living in fear of the darkness that is near due to the the melanin of our skin being the beauty you really fear. So yeah, we fucking tired, now proceed the riots and you can feel our fear dated back generations to picking cotton. The problem is deep rooted, far before your blue suiting so we’ll begin our fight here with you to simply be acknowledged as humans. So maybe now you’ll understand that we recognize your plan, so comprehend when the blacks fight back we get in the game to fucking win.

Please select a petition and/or organization to demand justice behind the recent tragedy of George Floyd.

We will win this fight.

Color of Change

We Can’t Breathe


You can also text “FLOYD” to 55156 to sign the petition.



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