shirt :  F.O.G. Essentials

joggers : H&M Man

shoes : Yeezy Azael


Street-style looks are those cool shots of people randomly walking across the street or standing in bushes looking extra… fly.

First and foremost,

street-style is a culture,

more so than a trend. It’s always been around it’s just recently received an official name. For some reason a lot of iNfLUencERs put a negative connotation behind the name and for what reason, idk, because it is what it is and we all love it. Therefore street culture isn’t surrounded around a specific look, but a tailored vibe. So now that the politics is out of the way, let make a street-style outfit.


It’s honestly comes down to what is trending, or hyped at the moment. I know that sounds worse than it actually is but it’s not. You can take what’s trending or popular and put your own spin to it, or do it mannequin style. What ever makes you look good and feel best. For me personally, I like the oversized/baggy look majority of the time, but when I do go tailored I do joggers or specialty denim. For this look I wanted something sleek and clean. Really throw on and go type of vibe.


Make it trendy and fun. Pick a focal area and build on that.

There’s really no rules to doing it, other than doing it. I always say to pick a section and build your look around that. For me I’ve been dying to wear these Yeezy’s and didn’t want to do denim. Yeezy’s are one of the ultimate street-style shoes and easily elevate an outfit. Not a thing that you purchase has to be designer or hyped to be street-style verified. A crisp tee, groovy shorts/pants, and a sick pair of vans and calf socks can hit just as hard. But the true trick is in the jewelry and shoes. Stacking a few necklaces and rings will really alter an outfit (see my post on how to stack jewelry here.) I can guarantee the outfit wouldn’t slap as hard if I didn’t have any jewelry on. Now you an definitely hit an outfit without jewelry, but different topic.

I paired the shoe with a black base white Tuxedo stripe jogger pant, and cream Tee. The cream Tee complimented the cream in the shoe while the black accents in the sweats and the shoe kind of ties everything together. I stacked my rings heavy, simple bracelet, no watch, and triple stacked my necklaces. I usually always wear a watch but with the excess of rings it didn’t flow accordingly. The type of rings also play a part.


& just like that, you have a quick and easy street-style look. It could be simpler. You could go monochromatic with light layering, subtract the jewelry and a bag, or my go to: Oversize Tee, baggy pants, and a sick shoe. Just make it work for you and keep the consistency of the look flowing.


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