new year, same style, back to the basics -rebuilding your New Year wardrobe.

hoodie: Blank by FreeBeforeEleven | blazer: The Black Wolf | boots: M. Margiela | pants: H&M | Honestly, I’ve been dreaming about this moment for idk how long because I’ve missed it SO much! Blogging for me had always initially started as an outlet and took me to so many different places that I’m extremely thankful for. […]

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Lavender Lahpus Jacket Coat

Price: $559.00 Size: 8 The Lavender Laphus Coat Dress is a reconstructed wool textile trench coat into a re-invented one of kind jacket. Finished with Aztec Floral Printed leather, genuine Chinchilla fur, and Swarovksi Crystal lining – it is sure to ensure a Fashion Moment. The Jacket is originally made for outerwear, but can be […]

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